Welcome to my site PinkRainbows.net - I have been fascinated by pink stuff ever since I was a child. Now as an adult, I make unique glow in the dark pink jewelry that sparklies and glitters and is collected by people all over the world. After making jewelry for over a decade I created the original pink Glow Lockets ™ which are professionally handmade glow in the dark jewelry. Sometimes I use pink crystals, and I even make glow glass. In addition, my unique Glow Fairy ™ jewelry was the first glow in the dark jewelry to feature long-lasting bright pink glow. - Queen of Glow

I started making rings after taking jewelry class in highschool many moons ago...

Pink Bubblegum Glow Glass Ring

Glow Lockets ™ glow over 10+ hours after being worn in direct sunlight!

The Original Pink Glow Locket ™

Orbs glow pink in the dark!

Pink Glow in the dark Orb Glow Locket ™

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